Keith Sonnier  

Drawings in Neon

Keith Sonnier was born 1941 in Louisiana and lives in New York City. He gained fame for his sculptures and installations using neon lights. His most renowned work is the over one kilometer long "Lichtweg" connecting different terminals at the Munich, Germany airport. Since the late sixties Sonnier has contributed to the development of a until then new concept of sculpture through the use of inexpensive materials rarely if ever used in art, such as, fiberglass, lead, plastics, neon lights, aluminum, flourescent pigments, glass and mirrors. The work in this exhibition focuses on his neon sculptures, from some early classic pieces to more recent works.


Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Neon Wrapping
Incandescent III,
neon, incandescent bulbs,
96 x 72 x 9 inches
Atchafalaya, 1996
neon, argon lighting, steel, transformers
80 x 48 x 9 inches
Pictogram III, 1980
neon, transformer
84 x 96 inches
Pictogram II, 1980
neon, transformer
84 x 92 inches
Untitled Untitled Untitled  
Untitled Neon Corner Piece, 1969
neon, aluminum, paint, transformer
107 x 52 x 52 inches
Extended Willow Blatt, 2000
neon, transformer
88 x 58 x 24 inches
Bamboo Sheath IV, 2003
neon, transformer
34 x 16 x 2 1/2 inches