Joan Snyder  
Selected Paintings
January 9 – April 18, 2009 2007
MacArthur Fellow
Joan Snyder’s prolific painting career spans four decades.  Carl Solway Gallery features selected paintings from 1999-2007 for the current exhibition.  Snyder’s highly individual approach to abstract painting focuses on the sensory qualities of paint.  She combines personal iconography, aggressive brushwork and accomplished formalism.  These traits and her boundless experimentation with additive surface materials such as herbs, papier mâché, straw and fabric, prevent her work from being neatly categorized within any specific art movement.  Viewers may detect aspects of Abstract Expressionism, Neo-Expressionism and feminist content, but the combination is uniquely Snyder’s.
In 2005, the Jewish Museum in New York City presented a 35-year retrospective of her work, which traveled to the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, Massachusetts.  Snyder was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2007.
Born in New Jersey in 1940, she received her M.F.A. from Rutgers University.  Her earlier awards included fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1974 and a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship in 1983.   Her work can be seen in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art and The Jewish Museum, all in New York City; Philadelphia Museum of Art, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, High Museum of Art in Atlanta and The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  Snyder currently lives in Brooklyn and Woodstock, New York.
Claes Oldenburg Claes Oldenburg Claes Oldenburg Claes Oldenburg
Language of the Sea, 1999
Oil, acrylic, paper mache, wooden dowels and class beads on canvas 39 x 90 inches
Madly in Love, 2003
Oil, acrylic, herbs and fabric on linen 70 x 102 inches
Just the Beginning, 2007
Oil, acrylic, straw and herbs on linen 60 x 72 inches
Primary Fields, 2001
Oil, acrylic, and herbs on linen
72 x 132 inches
Claes Oldenburg Claes Oldenburg Claes Oldenburg Claes Oldenburg
Tracking the Angels, 1993-97
Oil, acrylic, silk, papier mache and herbs on linen
57 x 66 inches
Mother Love, 1999
Oil, acrylic, papier mache and wooden dowels on canvas
73.5 x 85.5 inches
Flow, 2003
Oil, acrylic, glitter, herbs and fabric on panel
36 x 70 inches
The Summer 2002, 2002
Oil, acrylic, herbs and fabric
on canvas on panel
60 x 48 inches
Claes Oldenburg      
Sigh, 2003-2006
Oil, acrylic, glitter, papier-mache, herbs and wooden dowels on panel
36 x 70 inches