PASCAL DUFAUX: Vision Machines

October 9 – December 23, 2015


For the fall season, Carl Solway Gallery presents three solo exhibitions of artwork incorporating light, motion, video projection and various forms of technology.  Erwin Redl’s exhibition, featuring work from 2010-2015, will include an installation composed of digitally controlled LED light sculptures, kinetic sculpture, drawings and prints. Pascal Dufaux builds kinetic sculptures incorporating video cameras, ceramic, metal and glass that he refers to as Alien Forms. Rachel Rampleman’s exhibition will consist of two experimental projected videos: Busby Berkeley 2.0, from 2014 and Water/Light Study, from 2015 and another looped video on a traditional monitor.

Pascal Dufaux builds what he refers to as “Vision Machines”, rotating kinetic sculptures incorporating video cameras and projections.  Their roving “eyes” record the world around them in real time and then project the imagery onto the surrounding walls.   The exhibition will include Vision Machine #5: Probe, three pieces from the series Vanities and a group of small works titled Alien FormsVanities consist of video surveillance cameras enclosed in biomorphic sculptural forms.  Glass and crystal chandelier parts hang in front of each camera lens.  The point of view of the camera is then displayed on a mini flat screen.  Mixed-media, small-scale sculptures comprise the series Alien Forms.  They are displayed on a shelving unit, forming a cabinet of curiosities. 

Dufaux was born in France and resides in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  He studied set design and the visual arts.  His work has been presented in venues across Canada, Mexico and Europe including the exhibition Paranoia, which was shown in Creteil, Maubeuge and Lille, France; Instants Video in Marseilles; Mapping Festival in Geneva; and the International Digital Arts Biennial in Montreal.

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Vision Machine No.5 / Probe, 2014, Mixed media (Bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, motor and monitor), 60 x 84 x 39.25 inches Vanity No. 1, Vanity No. 2 & Vanity No. 3, 2014 Vanity No.1, 2014, Mixed media (Video camera, epoxy, fiberglass, glass and monitor), 17 x 18 x 15 inches   Vanity No.2, 2014, Mixed media (Video camera, epoxy, fiberglass, glass and monitor), 19 x 17 x 16 inches  
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Vanity No.3, 2014, Mixed media (Video camera, epoxy, fiberglass, glass and monitor), 20 x 20 x 19 inches  Alien Forms, 2015
Mixed media (Plaster, black marble, porcelain, glass, nylon ropes, Plexiglas, camera and monitor), 72 x 36 x 12.5 inches
Alien Forms, 2015 (details) Alien Forms, 2015 (details)
Alien Forms, 2015 (details)