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Nancy Graves

Lithographs Based On Geologic Maps Of Lunar Orbiter And Apollo Landing Sites

Following her earlier series of drawings and paintings related to maps and charts of remote geographic regions such as the ocean floor and Antarctica, Graves completed this suite of ten lithographs, her first prints to be produced in an edition, at Landfall Press, Chicago, in 1972.
Graves made an extensive study of the lunar maps that were produced by NASA in preparation for the Apollo manned space missions to the Moon beginning in 1968. With varying degrees of faithfulness to the originals, the artist transposed portions of individual lunar maps in a large group of drawings, which subsequently served as the basis for this series. Working with Jack Lemon, Graves drew the stippled images directly on sheets of Mylar, which were then transferred to light-sensitive aluminum plates. To achieve a variety of spatial effects, the artist experimented with chine colle and printing on Mylar sheets that were laminated to Arches paper. EDITION: Each work in the series was printed in an edition of 100. Printed by Landfall Press Inc., Chicago. Published by Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati.


Paintings & Prints
January 16 – April 14